[Ontbirds]RE Rufous Hummingbird near Stratford

Ken Clarke kennclarkebirds at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 10 19:54:10 EDT 2005


I am beginning to believe there is a Perth County Triangle for birds, like 
the Bermuda Triangle.  In the past few weeks three rare species have been 
found around Stratford. Four weeks ago a Chukar appeared near Avonton and 
was seen on three occasions, once by me. Last Monday  a Carlingford resident 
reported a single sighting of a European Goldfinch and I have the pictures 
to verify it.  And Friday an excited birder called to say they had a Rufous 
Hummingbird at their feeder near Harmony.  I rushed out and say the bird 
myself. None of these birds has been spotted in the last few days, but if 
any of them does I will report the directions.

Must fly

Ken Clarke
Stratford, ON
kennclarkebirds at hotmail.com

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