[Ontbirds]OFO News - June Issue

Jean Iron jeaniron at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 12 20:40:22 EDT 2005

The June issue of OFO News will be mailed this week. Here are the contents 
of this 16 page issue in page order.

1. Final Season of the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas: Mike Cadman invites you 
to be involved in the final year of the Breeding Bird Atlas to make it the 
best information on the status of Ontario's birds.

1. Distinguished Ornithologist: Bob Curry outlines the achievements of Ron 
Pittaway who will receive OFO's Distinguished Ornithologist Award in 2005.

2. Book Review: Birds of Australia. Reviewed by Bob Curry.

3. OBRC Notes: Margaret Bain, 2005 chair, gives an update on the activities 
of the OBRC and the election of new members.

3. Email to the Editors: From Michel Gosselin of the Canadian Museum of Nature.

4. Book Review: Handbook of the Birds of the World. Volume 9. Cotingas to 
Pipits. Reviewed by Geoff Carpentier.

5. Geese fouled Crawford Lake 700 Years Ago - Iroquoian cornfields led to 
guanotrophy: By John H. McAndrews.

6. Book Review: Curassows and Related Birds. Reviewed by Geoff Carpentier.

7. Bald Eagle Flip: Photos and story by Brandon Holden.

7. Learning by Mistakes - Case of the Arctic Tern: By Ron Pittaway

7. Waterfowl of Eastern North America: The latest in a series of 
pocket-sized photo identification guides by Chris Earley.

8 - 9. Great Gray Owl Observations 2004 - 2005: Ron Pittaway reflects on 
observations from last winter's irruption. Photos by Albert Kuhnigk and 
Jean Iron.

10 - 11. More Relative Abundance Maps: Andrew Courturier, Bird Studies 
Canada and Atlas Point Count Committee Member, shows why point counts will 
form "the single most important database in the province...for decades to 

12. Publication of the Atlas: Al Sandilands, chair of the Atlas Publication 
Committee, reports that the Atlas is scheduled for publication in September 

13. Late Season Atlassing: Mike Cadman encourages birders to fill important 
gaps in breeding evidence during July and early August when recently 
fledged young of many species can be easily confirmed.

14. 2004 Financial Statement: Treasurer Eileen Beagan details OFO's assets, 
income and expenses in 2004, which have been reviewed by an independent 

15. Thank You OFO Donors: List of the many people who generously donated to 
the success of OFO in 2004.

15. Future OFO Field Trips: Dave Milsom, field trips coordinator, describes 
the upcoming guided trips to the end of October.

16. Turkey Population Catapulting: Ron Pittaway discusses possible effects 
of the burgeoning and spreading population.

Enclosed with this issue is a registration form for the OFO Annual 
Convention & Banquet at Point Pelee on 10 - 11 September 2005.

We thank the authors and photographers who contributed to this issue. 
Please direct membership enquires to Eleanor Beagan, membership secretary, 
<etbeagan AT sympatico.ca>. OFO memberships support Ontbirds.

Jean Iron & Ron Pittaway
OFO News Editors
Ontario Field Ornithologists
Toronto and Minden ON
jeaniron at sympatico.ca

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