[Ontbirds]James Bay Shorebirds

Jean Iron jeaniron at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 3 20:24:01 EDT 2005

I just talked to Jean who's a member of a crew of eight surveying the birds 
and vegetation along the south coast of James Bay. The project is headed up 
by research scientist Ken Abraham of the Ministry of Natural Resources 
(MNR). They're comparing vegetation changes with studies done 30 years ago. 
Jean has the lucky job of surveying the shorebirds. The crew is staying at 
the MNR staff house in Moosonee and flying by helicopter to different 
points every day along the coast. As I get daily reports, I'll post to 

Today along 1 km of coast 8 km west of Netitishi Point on James Bay:

Black-bellied Plover, 1 adult on tidal flats
Semipalmated Plover, 225 adults on tidal flats
Greater Yellowlegs, 30 adults and juveniles
Lesser Yellowlegs 15 adults and juveniles
Hudsonian Godwit, 50 molting adults on tidal flats, some in almost full 
alternate plumage and others almost in basic plumage
Ruddy Turnstone, 1 adult
Semipalmated Sandpiper, 200 adults and 10 juveniles
Least Sandpiper, 5 adults and 30 juveniles at edge of vegetation in pools 
and along muddy creeks
White-rumped Sandpiper, 300 molting adults on tidal flats - 800 yesterday 
at another location. This is the commonest shorebird.
Pectoral Sandpiper, 50 adults in same habitat as the Leasts

They also had lots of Yellow Rails and Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrows.

Happy birding,

Ron Pittaway
Minden & Toronto ON
jeaniron at sympatico.ca

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