[Ontbirds]Peregrine Falcon and Purple Finch - Windsor, Ont

Matthew Baker mattbaker at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 15:42:16 EDT 2005

Greetings, y'all...

At about 3pm today (thursday, august 4), there was a male PURPLE FINCH along 
the ganatchio trail just west of the southern offshoot of the trail, which 
is just west of Florence Street (the first stoplight east of Riverdale). 
There is a house with 2 big garage's on the north side (river side) of 
Riverside Drive. The bird was last seen on a wooden sign frame in front of 
that house. 

google map:

THEN, about 2 minutes later as we continued west on the trail, there was a 
PEREGRINE FALCON soaring overhead. The bird wasn't hunting, but just 
enjoying the strong southwest winds. We followed it as it soared west on our 
bikes over Little River, through the apartment buildings, and down Riverside 
Drive. It appeared to be an adult, but looked like it had a brown tinge to 

google map:

Perhaps the finch would stay around that same location, but the falcon most 
likely moved on.

Looking foward to tonights cold front,

-Matt Baker

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