[Ontbirds]Red-necked Phalaropes - Tiny Marsh

Nottawaga at aol.com Nottawaga at aol.com
Fri Aug 5 13:47:39 EDT 2005

2 Juvenile Red-necked Phalaropes in water of partially drained west  cell. 
First observed at 9:45 a.m. and still present at 11:30 a.m.
Seen by Diane Hasley, Michael Hasley and other birders at the site. 
To reach Tiny Marsh, take Hwy. 27 north of Elmvale and turn left on Simcoe  
Road 6. Turn left at the sign for Tiny Marsh and right into the first parking  
lot at 3.4 K. If you reach the Nature Centre, you have gone too far. Proceed  
through the opening in the chain link fence and walk on the dyke about 3/4 of  
the way to the observation tower. The phalaropes were in the open water to 
the  left of the dyke and also in the narrower strips of water between the muddy 

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