[Ontbirds]FW: Magnificent Frigatebird at Port Elgin - Aug. 2, 2005

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I am resending my Frigatebird sighting now that I have subscribed to the



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Subject: Magnificent Frigatebird at Port Elgin - Aug. 2, 2005


My family and I observed a Magnificent Frigatebird (female) from the main
beach at Port Elgin, Ontario, on Tuesday August 2, 2005 at 10:50 am.


The children spotted it first and asked what that big bird was. I recognized
it quickly as a Frigatebird like the ones I had seen in Florida.


The wingspan was nearly double that of the ring-billed gulls flying nearby.
The wings were black and slender, while the body and head were also black.
The throat and a bit of the upper chest were quite white, suggesting a
female. The black tail was deeply forked and extended far out behind the
bird and fluttered in the air.


Our observation was done with unaided eyes; however the bird was only about
150 feet above us. The sighting lasted less than a minute as the Frigatebird
glided from straight overhead in a southerly direction following the shore
of Lake Huron. We were standing near the playground by the main beach
parking lot at the foot of Green St. in Port Elgin.



David Ellingwood

Tara, Ontario

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