[Ontbirds]Potential Hurricane Katrina waifs

Mark Peck markp at rom.on.ca
Tue Aug 30 13:36:13 EDT 2005

If anyone happens to be searching the shores of Lake Erie and Ontario
for beached birds and happens to come across any dead rarities, the
Royal Ontario Museum would love to get the specimens.  In many cases the
specimens will be added to the permanent collections of the ROM and
provide additional reference material for the Ontario Bird Records

The specimen should be frozen with date and locality information as
quickly as possible.

Please contact me as soon as possible and I will arrange a pick up


Mark Peck
Ornithology/Department of Natural History
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
Toronto, ON  Canada   M5S 2C6

416 586 5523
fax 416 586 5553

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