[Ontbirds]Green heron, Ottawa

Jim Robertson jrr at magma.ca
Mon Sep 5 12:42:14 EDT 2005

Not that it is that infrequent, but there was a green heron at Carleton
University this morning, in the Rideau River, just west of the train bridge.
(Opposite the gravel "beach" the ducks come to looking for handouts on the
Vincent Massey Park side)  Might have been one of the heron's from Fletcher
Gardens ?


(There was also a blue heron in Hog's Back Falls this morning as well - it
caught something once while we were watching it and it was immediately
mobbed by a few gulls)


Carleton University is on Bronson and Sunnyside Avenues. Train bridge is on
southern side of campus by the river.


Fletcher Gardens is on Prince of Wales Drive opposite the main parking lot
for the Central Experimental Farm. (South of the traffic circle as you drive
along Prince of Wales south from Dow's Lake

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