[Ontbirds]Swainson's Hawks - Point Pelee

Barry Cherriere bcherriere at cogeco.ca
Wed Sep 21 21:26:36 EDT 2005

Hi all

  Linda and I were down at Point Pelee to see the Swainson's Hawks today 
(Sept 21) at Mersea Road "D" area. We ran into Sarah Rupert while she was 
doing her morning check on the Swainson's Hawk around 8:45AM. She informed 
us that the other one had not been seen in a few days. While we were there 
at around 11:00 the other Swainson's Hawk came in and joined with the first 
one. They hung in the strong SW wind, in the air above us, wheeling and 
jostling one another (photos of same). Around 12:33 they got higher and 
higher in the sky and drifted to the NW, until we lost sight of them. At one 
point I did see them turn and hang in the wind again, still looking for food 
I guess.
  Now I can't say if they left at that time or not. Only tomorrow's birders 
will tell if they are still around or not.


Mersea Road D is located approximately 1 km north of the entrance to Point
Pelee National Park. It was found at the far East end of this Mersea Road D.

Barry & Linda Cherriere
Hamilton Ontario
bcherriere at cogeco.ca

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