[Ontbirds]SORA, few raptors at Cranberry-Oct.3

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Mon Oct 3 15:33:37 EDT 2005

A very mild southerly wind did not promote a lakefront hawk migration at the
Cranberry Marsh Raptor Watch over a 3-hr. period on Oct.3. --2 Turkey
Vultures, 3 Sharp-shinneds, 1 Kestrel and a 12:45 pm EST fly-past of a
Peregrine Falcon on a hazy day.
A SORA called out out from the southeast of our platform.
Songbirds were at a premium for the first time this fall--marsh wren, swamp,
white-crowned, white-throated and song sparrows, ruby-crowned kinglets and
an E.Phoebe. A Wilson's Snipe, Great Egret and several C.Loons were seen

Cranberry is in southwest Whitby, accessed from Victoria St. at the south
end of Hall's Rd.

Doug Lockrey, coordinator CMRW

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