[Ontbirds]Algonquin-Oct. 3/4

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Tue Oct 4 21:03:55 EDT 2005

   A  productive  one  and  a  half days at Algonquin:  Oct. 3rd 2 Boreal
   Chickadees  near  Wolf  Howl  Pond off Arrowhon Rd. 2 Ruffed Grouse on
   Opeongo  Road.  A  Peregrine  and  a  Merlin near Arrowhon Rd. Today 7
   Spruce Grouse at the Spruce Bog, Black-backed Woodpecker (male) at km.
   post  53;  2  Pileated  Woodpeckers  at  the  Visitor  Centre.  2 Pine
   Grosbeaks flew across the old airfield at Mew Lake.
       Also,  several  Ravens,  15  Gray  Jays,  many  White  -crowned, +
   White-throated,  Swamp  and  Song  sparrows, Juncos, a Turkey Vulture,
   Kestrel, 4 flocks of Pipits, Palm & Yellow-rumped warblers, Great Blue
   Herons,  Wood  Ducks,  Black  Ducks,  Mallards, 8  Common Loons, Brown
   Creeper,   Winter   Wren,  Hermit  Thrush,  flocks  of  Golden-crowned
   Kinglets,  Common  Grackles,  Mourning Dove, Canada Goose, 2 Flickers,
   Hairy woodpeckers, etc.
       Mammals  included  a  Black  Bear  seen from the Visitor Centre, 6
   Moose, 4 Beavers, and a Wolf.
      Butterflies, dragonflies, frogs and Garter snakes made it difficult
   to appreciate the gorgeous Fall colours !

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