[Ontbirds]Grey-cheeked Thrush, Ottawa

Paul.Matthews at statcan.ca Paul.Matthews at statcan.ca
Thu Oct 6 13:45:54 EDT 2005

Today (Oct 6), I refound the grey-cheeked thrush in the woodlots
south-east of the Champlain Bridge (I assume it's the same bird as
yesterday). There were several hermit thrushes as well, and a
blue-headed vireo. Some species from yesterday appeared to have vacated:
for example, I didn't see a single ruby-crowned kinglet; they were
numerous yesterday.

This area can be accessed from the parking lot on the north side of the
Ottawa River Parkway, just east of the Champlain Bridge. The river can
also be conveniently checked from this lot.

Paul Matthews, Ottawa

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