[Ontbirds]2005 field trip to the Hamilton/ Burlington area.

Thomas tthomas at cogeco.ca
Sat Oct 8 20:44:57 EDT 2005

Hi Birders,
       Most participants would agree that this was again a most successful
field trip to the Hamilton/ Burlington area. With birders from as far away
as Presqu'ille, and one visitor from Arizona.
           The group was primarily based at Vanwagner's, where the early
surprises were a fly past of four, then eighteen Brant Geese. Other birders
picked out Forster's Tern, and Common Tern as well as distant sightings of
Parasitic Jaegers. An Osprey  appeared over Hutches Restaurant, and then a
Peregrine Falcon flew out over the Lake and returned, only to hang
motionless in the wind for a while.
        We then checked out the old Rail Trail opposite Hutches, where we
were rewarded with a good variety of birds, the highlights being Eastern
meadow Lark, ( 7 ) a flight of fourteen Black-crowned Night Herons, Green
Heron, Lincoln, field,and Fox Sparrows.
         It was then back to Hutches for lunch , where birders were treated
to the sight of six Jaegers, and then later a Red Phalarope flew in.
       The tour continued on to Shoreacres, and Shell Park, where the
birding continued to be good, where Tennessee, Black-throated Green, and
Nashville Warblers gave us close up looks. Hermit Thrushes were the bird of
the day, seemingly popping up everywhere. It was then back to Vanwagner's
Beach, via Windermere Basin, for a final effort to find more Jaegers, but
only a couple appeared on the far distant horizon.
            In all we tallied eighty one species, not bad for October in
                    Cheers..............Tom Thomas.

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