[Ontbirds]Great day at Hawk Cliff

Thomas tthomas at cogeco.ca
Sun Oct 9 20:42:56 EDT 2005

          Another one day record broken at Hawk Cliff.
         This year one day count records were broken for Kestrels, Bald
Eagles, and Osprey. Today the one day record for Turkey Vultures was broken
with approximately 3,100 counted.
      There are not many days when the most commonly seen Raptors of Eastern
Canada are seen on the same day, because of differing migration times, e.g.
Broadwings leave early, and Golden Eagles wait until the weather turns
colder before they are prompted to fly south. Today with the appearance of a
single Rough-legged Hawk, we saw all fifteen species, which was a first for
         Another surprise was a Peregrine sized falcon that was picked up
while we were watching a Bald Eagle fly along the lake. This bird was very
light, and had dark axillaries, and myself, and two other observers all
exclaimed "Prairie Falcon".It will be interesting to see if this bird shows
up at Holiday Beach, or Metro Park.
       Another surprise was the sighting of a Common Raven, and a
Yellow-billed Cuckoo flew in to the watch site, late in the afternoon.
          Good Birding.................Tom Thomas.

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