[Ontbirds]Dark Morph Swainson's Hawk, Kingsville

Dean Ware peleeisbirder at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 9 21:41:28 EDT 2005


I must say a most impressive late afternoon flight. At about 5:20ish a juv. 
dark morph Swainson's Hawk flew over my parents place just outside of 
Kingsville. The bird was with 30-40 Turkey Vultures flying in a westerly 
direction(Jack Miners/Holiday Beach). To briefly discribe it as very dark 
all over but with a slate gray tail which jumped out at me ! and a gray head 
and of course the long pointed wings. I almost missed it as I was not going 
to look over all these dark birds!... it pays just too look!

Dean Ware
Wheatley ON.
peleeisbirder at hotmail.com

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