[Ontbirds]Two Franklin's Gulls in Dundas marsh

Barry Cherriere bcherriere at cogeco.ca
Sun Oct 9 23:38:59 EDT 2005

Hi all

  Went into the Dundas marsh and up the trail known as the willows today 
(Sept 9) to see the Hudsonian Godwit that has been reported at the end of 
the willows. After getting to the end of the trail we noticed that there 
were two Hudsonian Godwits, not just one as reported. I also checked over 
the gulls that were resting around the edge of the exposed mudflat and found 
hiding in amongst the Ring-billed Gulls were two adult Franklin's Gulls.

Barry & Linda Cherriere
Hamilton Ontario


Exit highway 8 West from the 403 in Hamilton, turn west onto 8
(Main Street West) and pass McMaster University. Turn right onto Cootes
Drive at the end of the University. Turn right at Olympic Drive and do a
quick u-turn and go left back onto Cootes in the opposite direction. Park
before the bridge over the creek before you go back up the hill. Cross
Cootes and follow the trail north easterly until you run out of trail.  If
you want better special directions, please call me at the number below! This
trail is overgrown, treacherous, and rife with poison ivy, and it takes a
half hour to get to the east end of the Willows anyway. A scope is

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