[Ontbirds]Winter Finches: East Side of Algonquin Park

Ron Tozer rtozer at vianet.on.ca
Tue Nov 1 10:05:36 EST 2005


Michael Runtz reported the following birds during three days
(October 29, 30 and 31) of birding along the Barron Canyon
Road (formerly called Sand Lake Road) on the East Side of
Algonquin Provincial Park:

-Bohemian Waxwing: at three locations, including a flock
of 28 at Grand Lake.

-Pine Grosbeak: one at the Hydro Line (km 50), October 29.

-Red Crossbill: many. Lots of a small-billed type that
were feeding on Tamarack cones, and some of the resident
type, with medium-sized bills, that were seen on White Pine.

-White-winged Crossbill: several, but lower numbers than
Red Crossbill.

-Common Redpolls: many on all days, feeding on Speckled
Alder seeds.

-Pine Siskin: several, but not high numbers.

These species have not been reported to date from the
Highway 60 Corridor of Algonquin Park, except for two
sightings of Pine Grosbeak.

Access to the Barron Canyon Road in Algonquin Park is
via the Sand Lake Gate, which is reached as follows:
turn south off the Highway 17 bypass onto County Road
26, at a point 3.5 km west of the Forest Lea Road (about
9 km west of Pembroke); travel 300 metres, then turn right
at the Barron Canyon Road and drive 26 km to the Sand Lake
Gate. Grand Lake is accessible from the Achray Road, a left
turn off Barron Canyon Road at km 37.8. There are kilometre
markers along the Barron Canyon Road (e.g., Sand Lake Gate
is at km 18). The Barron Canyon Road is open to public access
all the way to Lake Travers (at km 70.5).

Ron Tozer
Dwight, Ontario

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