[Ontbirds]Spotted Towhee in Algonquin - Update

Kevin Clute education at algonquinpark.on.ca
Wed Nov 2 09:48:27 EST 2005

   Below is an update on the Spotted Towhee in Algonquin Park.
   Despite  an  early  morning  search  the  Spotted  Towhee reported and
   photographed by Ted Smith on the evening of Sunday, October 30 was not
   relocated  as of 9:30am on Wednesday, November 2, 2005.  This bird was
   found  at  the Trailer Sanitary Station, 35.6 km from the West Gate of
   Algonquin  Provincial  Park.   Ron Tozer continues the search for this
   bird at this time.  If the bird is located an update will be posted on
   An  image  of  this  bird,  taken  by  Ted  Smith,  can  be  found  at
   "This  Spotted  Towhee  is  a new species for the Algonquin Park list.
   Congratulations,  Ted!  After viewing the photos, Ron Pittaway advises
   that  the  bird's  brownish  wings  and  buffy  white  markings on the
   scapulars  and  tertials indicate first basic plumage. In the unlikely
   event  that  there  are  any subsequent sightings of this bird, I will
   post  the  information  here. The area will be checked today (November
   2)." Posted by Ron Tozer (Nov. 2) to the Muskoka Bird Board.
   Other recent sightings in Algonquin Park include:
     * Bald Eagle - Cache Lake (km 23) [Nov 2] and Km 8 [Nov. 1]
     * Northern Cardinal (considered very rare in Algonquin) - Smoke Lake
       Airplane Hangar (km 15) - Nov. 1
     * Evening Grosbeak - Trailer Sanitary Station and Visitor Centre (km
       43) - Nov. 2
     * Common Redpoll - Trailer Sanitary Station - Nov. 2
     * American Goldfinch - Trailer Sanitary Station - Nov. 2
     * Gray Jay - Trailer Sanitary Station - Nov. 2
     * Dark-eyed Junco - common
     * Snow Bunting - Highway 60 various locations
     * Northern  Hawk  Owl  -  Old  Highway  127  and Highway 60 (outside
       Algonquin)  -  Oct  28 [see Ron Tozer's prior OntBirds post] - not
       found in subsequent days.

   Birders  searching  for  the  Spotted  Towhee,  or  other  species  in
   Algonquin  Park,  are  asked  to  report  their  sighting to Ron Tozer
   <rtozer at vianet.on.ca>  or record them in the Bird Sighting Book at the
   Algonquin  Visitor  Centre  (km  43).   The  Visitor Centre is open on
   weekends  from  10am  to  4pm,  or by prior arrangement by calling the
   phone  number  at the end of this message.  For more information about
   directions   to   Algonquin   Park   or   permit  costs  please  visit
   Good birding,
   Kevin Clute

   Kevin Clute
   Group Education Program Coordinator
   The Friends of Algonquin Park
   Box 248
   Whitney, Ontario K0J 2M0
   Phone: (613) 637-2828
   Fax: (613) 637-2138
   E-mail: education at algonquinpark.on.ca
   Algonquin Provincial Park Website: [3]www.algonquinpark.on.ca
   The Science Behind Algonquin's Animals Website: [4]www.sbaa.ca


   1. http://www.muskoka.com/~sinclair/birds/photos/spotted_towhee.jpg
   2. http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/
   3. http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/
   4. http://www.sbaa.ca/

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