[Ontbirds]chickadee migration slowing down

Dave Martin dave.martin at odyssey.on.ca
Wed Nov 2 18:20:31 EST 2005

Today we spent 3 hours watching migration at our hawk watch site near Port 
Bruce along the Lake Erie shoreline in Elgin County.  There weren't many 
hawks moving so we counted chickadees and other passerine migrants.

Over about 2 hours we tallied 15 groups of Black-capped Chickadees ranging 
in size from 1 to 23 birds. Average flock size was 7.5 birds/flock and rate 
of passage was 62 birds/hour.  Flock size, average flock size and rate of 
passage was down considerably today from two counts we made last week when 
we were counting about 350 birds/hour in flocks ranging up to 60+ birds and 
averaging 20 birds.

Other migrants today included a late N. Rough-winged Swallow, 100s of Am. 
Pipits, Horned Larks, American Goldfinch [115 birds in 10 flocks], Eastern 
Bluebird [44 in 7 flocks], lots of E. Starlings and blackbirds including 
1enormous flock of 1000+ Common Grackles, 3 Yellow-rumped Warblers and 1 
Monarch.   One Common Loon went south and 4 Tundra Swans went east.

On a short walk in the woods we saw, among others, lots of Dark-eyed Juncos 
which seem to have arrived in big numbers the last couple of days and 1 
Blue-headed Vireo.

Head south from Hwy 401 on Elgin/Imperial Road through Aylmer to 
Copenhagen.  Turn east on Nova Scotia Line and turn right on the first road 
- Pede Road - and drive to the dead end.

Dave Martin, Linda Wladarski, Ross Snider
Harrietsville and Ingersoll

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