[Ontbirds]Bald Eagle, migrating ducks - Southampton

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Thu Nov 3 07:41:05 EST 2005

The Bruce Birding Club was out for a day of birding yesterday and a number
of firsts were recorded for this time of year. The first Bald Eagle for the
winter was seen scaring up the rafts of ducks on the water in the bay at
Chantry Island. The ducks there in great numbers, were Greater and Lesser
Scaup, Redhead and Bufflehead. The scattered as the eagle made a low level
run over the raft.
The Eagle then rested at Mirimichi Bay and watched as Canada Geese by the
hundreds landed on the Bay. Two other birds of note at Mirimichi Bay were, a
lone Ruddy Turnstone and a Black-bellied plover. Also in with the Canada's
were 11 Snow Geese with 4 young birds which were much smaller and greyish in
colour. This we believe were 7adults with 4 of this years young in

Directions to Southampton
Southampton is located north of Port Elgin on Hwy #21. At the main
intersection in Southampton turn west on High St. and go towards the lake.
Turn left on Huron St. and travel south. At Beach St you can turn right and
park in the parking lot at the beach. This will give you good views of
Chantry Island and the bay. The main raft of ducks were a little farther
south yesterday.
Travel further along Huron St. you will come to a beach access at the foot
of South St. where Huron St. turns into Mirimichi Bay Rd. Here you can wlk
to the beach and get a good view of the bay and the ducks and Chantry
Island. This road also leads to Mirimichi Bay.
Mirimichi Bay can also be reached off Hwy #21just north of Port Elgin. Turn
left on 10th Conc. of Saugeen and go towards the lake. Turn right onto
Mirimichi Bay Rd. Mirimichi Bay is the first bay you come to along the lake.

Mike Pickup
Chair, Huron Fringe Birding Festival
HFBF runs from the 27th-30th May and 1st-4th June 2006
Please check Friends website www.friendsofmacgregor.org
for Festival information starting in January 2006.

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