[Ontbirds]Parasitic Jaeger, Little Gulls- Barrie

DB burtonian at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 3 19:19:07 EST 2005

A Jaeger has been staying at the Barrie waterfront harassing a large
flock of Bonapartes Gulls (including some Little Gulls) for food,
offerring a rare opportunity to study this species. I left it at 5:20pm,
sitting out on the water. It had been still and settled for about 20
minutes. It spent most of its time resting on the water, and would fly
up every 5-10 minutes to scare up a snack. Photos have been posted at

The central retrices appear somewhat blunt for this species.
Apparently it has been there since at least Saturday morning. I expect
it will leave with the small gulls.

Directions: Take the Essa Rd exit to Tiffin Ave. Turn right on Tiffin
and continue to the waterfront, where there is free parking. Look for
the darkest bird smaller than the Herring Gulls, out on the water.

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