[Ontbirds]Cave Swallows - 50 Point Conservation Area, Hamilton

The Holdens holdens at mountaincable.net
Fri Nov 4 13:57:28 EST 2005

This morning at 9:40 AM my son and I had 2 Cave swallows fly past the tip at 50 Point Conservation Area, flying from East to West.

Birds also seen from 7:30 AM until 10:30 AM included

Pectoral Sandpipers -8
Common Tern         -1
Common and Red-throated Loons
Jaegers (sp)
Bonaparte's Gulls
Lesser black-backed Gull -1
Snow Buntings

50 Point Conservation Area:

QEW Niagara, exit at Fifty Road  (between Fruitland Road and Casablanca Road Grimsby) towards the lake and follow the signs to Fifty 
Point Conservation Area. Once inside the gate go to your left, follow road past the Marina.  Turn left at the next road.  Follow 
this to the lake parking lot.  Walk out to the tip of the point.

Eric and Brandon Holden

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