[Ontbirds]2 Golden Eagles-Rouge Valley; N.SHRIKE-Hall's Rd.; Cattle egret-early AM Westney Rd. farm--Nov.4

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Fri Nov 4 16:24:49 EST 2005

Rosemary Harris reported 2 juvenile Golden Eagles, gliding together over the
Rouge valley, north of the 401, at 1430 on Nov.4.
At 1000 hrs. Jim McKnight sighted a N.SHRIKE in a tree alongside Hall's Rd.,
north of the north pathway entry.

At the CMRW platform area we had 11 Fox Sparrows at one time. Hawks were
sparce--at the end of the 3rd hour a Turkey Vulture and 2 Red-taileds came

The Cattle Egret was seen in the field this morning; it is not visible from
Concession 7; rather you have to go up the farm lane off concession 7 to the
immediate east of Westney Rd.--as long as you state your reason you are
welcome to do so. I have not heard a report for the rest of the day. Up
Westney Rd. from the 401, straight north beyond highway 7 to the next e-w
road (Conc.7)

CMRW is accessed from the southernmost roadside parking area on Hall's Rd.
in southwest Whitby.

Doug Lockrey, Whitby

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