[Ontbirds]11 more Cave Swallows, Brant- Fruitland Rd. Stoney Creek

The Holdens holdens at mountaincable.net
Fri Nov 4 21:48:11 EST 2005


    After school today I decided to head back to Lake Ontario to see if anything else was moving with the strong winds. I went to 
Green Rd, where I was told that 2 BRANT were just seen at the base of Fruitland Rd. The birds were very close to shore when I 
arrived, and gave me many good photo opportunities. See link below if interested in a few shots:


I almost fell in the Lake, however, when 6 Cave Swallows came screaming past (flying east to west) right along the shoreline. They 
came past at 3:45pm, and at 4:05pm, another group of 5 came quickly past on the same flight line. Unfortunately, I had to leave at 
4:10pm. I managed to get some poor shots of 3 different birds from today:


Good Birding!

Brandon Holden
Hamilton, Ontario

Directions: you can reach Fruitland rd. by taking the Fruitland rd. exit off the QEW in Stoney Creek (between Centennial Parkway and 
Fifty rd.) and heading North to the Lake. The Brant spent a lot of time feeding on the rocks right at the end of the road. The 
swallows were following the Lakeshore, and were possibly visible from other vantage points along the Lakeshore. 

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