[Ontbirds]Pomerine Jaeger and Little Gulls still in Barrie

Carol Horner icterus at sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 5 07:58:35 EST 2005

Hello Ontbirders

Yesterday (Fri Nov 4) Mary Schuster and I spent the day in Barrie studying 
and photographing the gulls. The POMERINE JAEGER was still present, 
spending most of it's time on the water close to shore. (for information on 
id of this bird refer to Jean Iron's previous Ontbirds post) There are many 
(impossible to count but I would agree with Jean's estimate of at least 20) 
LITTLE GULLS among the hundreds of BONAPARTE'S. The birds were feeding 
close to shore allowing very close looks. This is an excellent chance to 
study Little Gulls. Jean told us she saw the FRANKLIN'S GULL early in the 
morning, but to my knowledge it was not seen again for the rest of the day. 
We also had a flyby of 3 SNOW BUNTINGS.

Directions as per Jean Iron

 From Highway 400 take the Essa Rd exit to Tiffin Ave. Turn right on Tiffin 
and continue to the waterfront boat ramp. There's lots of free parking.

Good Birding

Carol Horner
icterus at sympatico dot ca
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Toronto, Ontario

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