[Ontbirds]Common Raven in Northumberland County

Randy Horvath bozovski at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 5 15:29:12 EST 2005

Greetings to all. I'm not sure how significant this
sighting is for this area, but I thought there might
be some birders who would appreciate knowing that at
about 11:30 a.m. today I had a Common Raven in
Northumberland County about 10 km west of Colborne. I
am visiting friends in the boonies north of the 401
near the small towns of Vernonville, Castleton, and
Centreton. I observed the raven flying over a nearby
woodlot, croaking, and then flying over an open area
where there's a long series of power transmission
lines. It actually landed atop a hydro pole and
perched there for a bit. It would be hard for me to
direct anyone to this vicinity, but if there are
birders anywhere around these parts, you might be
interested to know that there is a Common Raven

Randy Horvath, Windsor
bozovski at yahoo.ca


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