[Ontbirds]Plegadis Ibis in Ajax DIRECTIONS

Carol Horner icterus at sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 5 17:49:33 EST 2005

Further to Ron's post here are directions to the area in question.

Directions to the mouth of Duffins Creek:

 From the 401 in Pickering exit at Brock ROAD, go south to Bayly. Turn 
left. Turn right onto Squires Beach Road (first lights) and drive as far as 
you can. The sewage treatment plant will be directly in front of you. Turn 
left and follow the road to a stop sign. Turn left and follow the road to 
the lake and park. Walk east along the waterfront trail to the footbridge, 
which passes over the mouth of  Duffin's Creek. You can view the marsh from 
the bridge. You can also access this area from the foot of Westney road, 
but I don't know the exact directions.

It might also be worthwhile checking out the north part Corner Marsh. You 
will pass the entrance to this area as you follow the road to the lake.


At 02:51 PM 11/5/2005, you wrote:
>Jim Griffith phoned to say that he and Harry Kerr saw a Plegadis Ibis 
>(probably Glossy) at 1 p.m. north of the mouth of Duffin's Creek in Ajax. 
>They viewed it from the foot bridge along the waterfront trail. It was 
>actively feeding. Sorry that I do not have exact directions from Highway 401.
>Ron Pittaway
>Minden and Toronto
>jeaniron at sympatico.ca

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