[Ontbirds]Plegadis Ibis - Ajax - Nov 6th

Geoff Carpentier: Birds avocet at rogers.com
Sun Nov 6 10:05:01 EST 2005

The ibis was at Duffin's/Corner Marsh this morning at 9:30 until we left at 9:45 - heavy rain and lightening were a bit of a deterrent. 

Conditions sucked but it appeared to be either an adult in basic plumage or a first winter bird. Not much detail could be seen as it was grey, rainy and the bird far away. It certainly warrants further study to see which ibis it is.


Take 401 to Westney and go south to Lake Driveway [Giant Tiger store on the corner], turn right at these lights and follow it to the entrance to Lions Park on your right. Proceed to the shore of the marsh and park - when we last saw it it was visible from this parking lot - slightly NW and huddled close to the cattails along the muddy shore. It is also visible from the bridge on the Waterfront Trail where one would look due north.

Geoff Carpentier
Ajax, Ontario

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