[Ontbirds] Ottawa/Gatineau 06Nov05... Cattle Egret, Sandhill Crane, Boreal Chickadee

Gordon Pringle parula at magma.ca
Sun Nov 6 19:18:08 EST 2005


* Ontario
* Ottawa/Gatineau
* 06 November 2005
* ONOT0511.06

- Birds mentioned

Red-throated Loon
Horned Grebe
Red-necked Grebe
Double-crested Cormorant
Cackling Goose
Greater White-fronted Goose
Snow Goose
Greater Scaup
Harlequin Duck
Long-tailed Duck
Common Goldeneye
Barrow's Goldeneye
Hooded Merganser
Peregrine Falcon
American Coot
Black-bellied Plover
Lesser Yellowlegs
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Carolina Wren
Fox Sparrow
Pine Grosbeak
White-winged Crossbill
Evening Grosbeak

- Transcript

hotline: Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club
date: 06 November 2005
number: 613-860-9000
for the status line : press 2
for rare bird alerts: press 1
to report a sighting: press #
coverage: Ottawa/Gatineau (Can. Nat. Capital Reg.), E.Ont., W.Que.
compiler   : Chris Lewis  hagenius at primus.ca
transcriber: Chris Lewis  hagenius at primus.ca
internet   : Gordon Pringle  parula at magma.ca


This is Chris Lewis reporting.

Strong east winds today sent a CATTLE EGRET struggling over
Constance Bay this morning.  It was observed heading southwest,
but there have as yet been no subsequent reports.

Red-throated Loons continue to be seen on the Ottawa River with 2
at Shirley's Bay on the 3rd and another 2 below the Des Chenes
rapids on the 5th.  Small numbers of Horned and Red-necked Grebes
also continue to fish in the river, and it's getting late for
Double-crested Cormorants - 3 were seen at Dow's Lake last
weekend, and one was at Shirley's Bay on the 5th.

In waterfowl reports, the 2 male Harlequin Ducks have not been
reported from Deschenes since October 30th, and the last report of
a Greater White-fronted Goose at the large pond on the east side
of Moodie Dr. south of Trail Rd. came from the same day, although
many Snow Geese were still here on the 5th. Several flocks of
Brant were seen, mostly in flight, on the Ottawa River near Andrew
Haydon Park on the 2nd, and 2 juvenile Brant have been unwarily
hanging around on the river shore and on the lawn at Remic rapids
lookout for the past week. Three Cackling Geese were at the east
end of Andrew Haydon Park in the early afternoon of the 6th. Of
the 18 species of ducks seen on the 5th, highlights included
several somewhat late Gadwall between the islands west of the
Shirley's Bay causeway, a pair of Redhead flying over Shirley's
Bay, increasing numbers of Greater Scaup, Common Goldeneye, Long-
tailed Duck, and Hooded Mergansers, and both a male Barrow's
Goldeneye and a male Common X Barrow's hybrid still at Remic

A pair of Peregrine Falcons were on the west side of the R.H.
Coats building on the 6th. At least 10 American Coots were in the
marshy edges on the west side of Shirley's Bay on the 5th, and 46
SANDHILL CRANES were seen on the west side of Milton Rd. between
Perrault and Smith Rd's on the 4th. The only shorebirds were a
single Black-bellied Plover and a very late Lesser Yellowlegs at
Andrew Haydon Park on the 4th and 5th. Lesser Black-backed Gulls
continue to be reported from various locations.

A few interesting songbird reports included individual (and
evidently quite vocal) Carolina Wrens on the 3rd - one along the
causeway to Petrie Island, and another at the property on Donald
B. Munro Rd. in Carp that has been here since mid-September. Two
BOREAL CHICKADEES were found on the 5th in Gatineau Park in the
Lac Philippe area. Two Fox Sparrows were seen at the Hilda Rd.
feeder at Shirley's Bay on the 4th, and a few "winter finch"
species noted over the past week included single Pine Grosbeaks at
Kerwin Rd. in the west and Rothwell Heights in the east, 8 White-
winged Crossbills in Carp, and Evening Grosbeaks continue to be
reported from various locations in small numbers.

Thank you - Good Birding!

- End transcript

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