[Ontbirds]Iroquois Shoreline Raptor Watch 2005

Mike Williamson mdw49 at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 3 15:50:43 EST 2005

I.S.R.W. Heber Down C.A.

Below I have revised and recorded the year end totals,raptors,hours,average per hour and number of observation days.During my review I found I had made some errors when adding day totals to month and year totals.The differance was 266 so my last report showed a toal of 5,332 when in fact the total should read 5,066!
Turkey Vulture       488
Osprey                   43
B/Eagle                  21
N/Harrier                 37
S/Shinned             480
Coopers                  54
N/Goshawk               3
R/Shoulder              54
B/Wing               3,468
R/Tail                    301
R/Legged                  8
G/Eagle                    5
A/Kestrel                 79
Merlin                       9
Peregrine                  8
UB                           6
UA                           1
UR                           1
Total                   5,066
Total Hrs.               82.5
Total days               22
Average per hour    61.4

The year started out very well with really good numbers and just the right winds for our site,but at the mid-point our luck ran out and the counts dropped off dramaticlly.We had a very low Turkey Vulture count as we generally get well over 1,200 & our G/Eagle count was short atleast 20 to 25 for the year! Red Tails again this year were down by some 600 birds!! I guess I should be happy we did get a very good Broad Wing push.I would like to say Thank You to the many first timers to our site and hope you plan to join us again next year!! A Special thanks goes out to Elenor&Eilean Began for their help and gift of a calculator to keep at our site! From Martin Bence,Graham Nord and myself have a Happy Holiday & a Healthy New Year!!
Report submitted by Mike Williamson
Info. on Iroquois can be found at torontobirding.ca & click on GTRW scroll down text for directions(Brock Rd. Should be Brock St.) 

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