[Ontbirds]53rd annual CBC

Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca Sarah.Rupert at pc.gc.ca
Tue Dec 20 13:57:51 EST 2005

Hello All!

Here are the preliminary results of the 53rd Point Pelee National Park CBC,
held on Monday, December 19, 2005

41 people participated in this year's count and found a total of 102
species (with an additional 8 species to date during the CW period) and
28452 individuals.  The number of species is higher than average, while the
number of individuals was much lower than average, in the most part due to
the absence of large groups of waterfowl (particularly scaup) in the area
this year. Despite the presence of large flocks of ducks, there was still a
good variety of species.  Landbirds were diverse this year, including a
record number of many species of sparrow.

Temperature ranged from -14 to -7 C, and the wind was southwest at 10-25
kph, partly
sunny, 5-25 cm of snow on the ground, small patches of open water
inland, the western basin of Lake Erie was frozen, while east of the Point
was mostly open.

One new species was recorded for the count:
Pine Warbler (1) - located in the park, in a white pine stand south of the
Marsh Boardwalk

High numbers:
Common Goldeneye (2673/previous high 1657 in 1990)
Common Merganser (4167/previous high 2431 in 2004)
Bald Eagle (13/previous high 5 in 1991)
Sharp-shinned Hawk (14/12 in 2000)
Cooper's Hawk (8, tied record high)
Red-shouldered Hawk (8, tied record high)
Red-tailed Hawk (52, tied record high)
American Crow (4518, previoue high 4025 in 1991)
Savannah Sparrow (19, 17 in one location, previous high of 2 in 1991)
Fox Sparrow (9, previous high of 3 in 1991)
White-throated Sparrow (440, previous high of 399 in 1992)
White-crowned Sparrow (192, previous high of 184 in 1994)
Common Grackle (542, previous high of 468 in 1992)

Other Highlights:
Wood Duck (2, 2nd count record)
Peregrine Falcon (3rd count record)
Common Snipe (CW)
American Woodcock (1)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (1, 4th count record)
House Wren (1, 6th count record)
Brewer's Blackbird (8, 3rd count record)
Vesper Sparrow (1, CW)
Evening Grosbeak (1)

Thanks to all the great birders who volunteered their time this year.  Your
help is alway appreciated!!

Good birding and happy holidays to all!

Sarah Rupert
Sr. Park Interpreter- Interprète de parc principal
Education Coordinator - Coordonnatrice - Programmes éducatif
Point Pelee National Park of Canada
Parc national du Canada de la Pointe-Pelée
Leamington, Ontario
sarah.rupert at pc.gc.ca
519-322-5700 ext 13
fax 519-322-1678

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