FW: [Ontbirds]Black Billed Magpie Paquette Corners

Mike Tobin mtobin at powergate.ca
Tue Dec 20 17:45:35 EST 2005

Prey tell where is Paquette Corners????

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Around 9am  this morning while i was driving south on walker road heading
out to Mcgregor to look  for the Magpie it flew from west to east right in
front of my car that was in the open fields  in the 6200  block of walker
road, me and my friend  Kevin  Montgomery followed it flying south  down the
west side of the road till it lost us behind the houses at 6725 walker road
thank  you Jim Hunt for posting this great bird IT was following a small
flock with 4-5  crows 
  Good luck 
  Good birding 
  Robert Horvath

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