[Ontbirds]Ruby-crowned Kinglet- Humber Bay E., Toronto

Anne Anthony anthony at cogeco.ca
Fri Dec 23 07:45:36 EST 2005

Yesterday (Thurs. Dec 22) while walking out to find the male Harlequin Duck 
at Humber Bay Park E., Jerry Ball spotted a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. We both 
had good looks at both the kinglet and the harlequin.


Humber Bay Park East is located in the west end of Toronto south of 
Lakeshore at the foot of  Park Lawn.  There is an exit off the Garder 
Expressway.  Go south to the lake on Park Lawn and  continue staight into 
the park.. In the park, turn right at the first drive. The drive to the lot 
isn't plowed well (speed bumps) but the parking lot is.

Harlequin Duck-  walk to the south east point (toward the CN tower. ) The 
harlequin was with some Long-tailed Ducks.  We were facing south looking at 
the open lake when we saw it.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet.- Assume the park is a point of land running east-west. 
>From the parking lot, walk along the path on the NORTH side of the point. 
Walk past the SOUTH side of the first pond. (mostly frozen, has puddle ducks 
and 2 small openings to the inlet on the north side of the point.) 
Immdeately to the east of this pond there is a wide "U" shaped bay opening 
to the north and the inlet.  The kinglet flew across the path from the scrub 
at the south-west end of the "U" bay to the scrub on the south side of the 
the path.

Anne Anthony

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