[Ontbirds]Amherst Island and Prince Edward Point

L G Price lprice at mac.com
Sun Dec 25 20:51:33 EST 2005

My daughter and I spent the last three days birding on Amherst Island, 
including 1 day driving out to Prince Edward Point.
On Amherst Island we saw:
3 snowy owls
5-6 bluejays
1 unidentified owl hunting over a field at twilight
3 rough legged hawks
2 RT hawks
10-12 horned larks
1 American tree sparrow
1 song sparrow
1 northern flicker
3 white breasted nuthatch
1 hairy woodpecker
2 downy woodpeckers
numerous morning doves, crows, starlings, black capped chickadees
2 flocks snow buntings (one flock of 20-30 and one flock over 100 )
2 golden-eye  off end point of KFN property

We had to walk into owl woods on Dec. 23. The snow was drifted into 
large drifts all the way in. We used snowshoes and it has a hard walk 
in due to the drifts. We saw no owls in owl woods but were only able to 
look about 1.5 hours. Recent rains may remove the snow, but we climbed 
4-6 foot drifts all the way in.

Quinte Peninsula - Prince Edward Point

Driving from the ferry toward the long point, we saw
1 - RT hawk
1 - Northern Shrike
many blue jays

At long point we saw

100-200 long tail ducks (from overlook)
11 bohemian waxwings (in tree opposite overlook)
10-12 American tree sparrows
several black-capped chickadees
Many Mallard
9-10 buffleheads
1 barred owl
1 RT hawk
many Canadian Geese

Gail Price
Rochester, NY

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