[Ontbirds]39th Minden CBC

Ron Tozer rtozer at vianet.on.ca
Mon Dec 19 12:01:57 EST 2005

The 39th Minden Christmas Bird Count was conducted on Saturday
(December 17). It was cloudy and a few degrees below freezing,
providing good conditions for observing. All lakes were frozen, except
the north end of Gull Lake. The Gull River and parts of other rivers
were open. About 25 cm of snow on ground.

These preliminary results (with feeder reports still to be added) are
provided on behalf of compiler Dennis Barry, currently off-line:

Total Species: 45 (average over last 20 years: 42)
Total Individuals: 4,077 (average over last 20 years: 4,148)

New Species for Count:
White-crowned Sparrow (1 first winter; photographed)

All-time Highs:
Bald Eagle (4)
Sharp-shinned Hawk (2)
Barred Owl (3) - ties record
White-throated Sparrow (1) - ties record
Northern Cardinal (6) - ties record
Red-winged Blackbird (1) - ties record

Noteworthy Numbers:
Ruffed Grouse (2) - low
Wild Turkey (88) - second highest
Black-capped Chickadee (1,329) - still numerous, after fall flight in
southern Ontario

Pine Grosbeak (102)
Common Redpoll (105)
Pine Siskin (22)
American Goldfinch (339)
Evening Grosbeak (532) - highest number since 1999

Ron Tozer
Dwight, Ontario

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