[Ontbirds]Palm Warbler - Niagara Falls, Ontario

Cheryl Edgecombe cheryle29 at cogeco.ca
Mon Dec 19 13:40:30 EST 2005

The Palm Warbler found yesterday on the Buffalo CBC by Betsy Potter, Vicki
and Wille D'Anna and company was present today just south of the control
gates south of the falls this morning about 10:15 a.m..  The bird was tucked
in along the edge of the bank south of the guard rail and then when we left
was associating with a group of chickadees that were in the pines next to
the building where the control gate is.

It is interesting to note that this is the eastern subspecies "yellow" palm

Thanks to Betsy for an excellent find and for Willie for letting us know!!!

Happy Holidays,
Cheryl Edgecombe


Follow QEW Niagara to the 420 and into Niagara Falls.  Go south along the
Niagara Parkway past the Horseshoe Falls, past the Dufferin Islands Nature
Park and just past the control gates where you will see a turn off on the
left hand side.  The bird was here on the south side of the control gates.
Have patience, this bird was hunkered into the side of the bank for a while
before it flew out and came to feed with the chickadees.

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