[Ontbirds]Ottawa Snowy Owls

Jon Pleizier jpleizie at uoguelph.ca
Mon Dec 19 17:27:49 EST 2005

I observed two SNOWY OWLS arond the Frank Kenny area east of Ottawa at 3pm this

A darkly barred individual seen off Regimbald Rd and was sitting on a fence post
behind a farm and a lighter individual was seen by the s-curve on French Hill
Rd. Both were seen in similar locations yesterday around 2:30pm. In all
likelihood the two could be found anywhere along the east side of Frank Kenny
between Frank Kenny and O'Toole Rd.

A flock of about 150 SNOW BUNTINGS were also seen at the corner of O'Toole and
French Hill along with a single HORNED LARK.

Frank Kenny Rd is located east of Navan and Orleans and can be access by Innes
Rd. east of Orleans or by RUssell Rd. south of Navan. Innes in accessible from
both HWy 417 or 174 and Russell can be accessed from HWy 417. Refer to any map
of Ottawa.

Jon Pleizier
jpleizie at uoguelph.ca
37 Fairview Blvd
Guelph, ON
N1G 1H5

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