[Ontbirds]Gravenhurst-Bracebridge Christmas Bird Count

The Sinclairs sinclair at muskoka.com
Mon Dec 19 18:05:14 EST 2005

The 26th Gravenhurst-Bracebridge Christmas Bird Count was conducted 
by 35 field participants on December 18, 2005. Temperature -3.6 to 
-0.5 degrees C, snow fall increasing from light to heavy during the 
day impairing visibility, large lakes and rivers open, snow cover 12 cm.

Preliminary Results:

Total Species: 37 (last 10 yr average, 36)
Total Individuals: 2788 (last 10 yr average, 2867)

New Species for count:
Brown Thrasher (1)

Infrequently observed species:
Wood Duck (1)
Glaucous Gull (2)
Gray Jay (1)
Common Grackle (1)

All-time Highs:
Wild Turkey (34)
Northern Cardinal (10)
Pine Siskin (314)

All-time Low:

Most abundant species:
Black-capped Chickadee (710)
European Starling (355)
Pine Siskin (314)

Pine Grosbeak (72)
Common Redpoll (count week only)
Pine Siskin (314)
American Goldfinch (195)
Evening Grosbeak (109) highest since 1995

Worthy of Mention:
House Sparrow (134) up from 39 last year, cats were removed from the 
local horse boarding stable.

Team competition:
Gravenhurst 30 species, Bracebridge 29
Gravenhurst wins again!

Al Sinclair

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