[Ontbirds]Call for Short-eared Owl Sightings

Susan Debreceni sdebreceni at bsc-eoc.org
Wed Dec 21 16:26:23 EST 2005

(This message has been posted with permission from Mark Cranford)

Attention winter birders:  

Winter has officially arrived!  Bird Studies Canada and the Ontario Barn Owl Recovery Program is entering the 3rd year of a wintering Short-eared Owl survey in Ontario.  We need your help in tracking all observations of Short-eared Owls in Ontario over the winter months.  

Characterized by a distinctive and erratic moth like flight pattern, large concentrations of these owls can be observed during the winter months in southern Ontario.  This owl is listed as a species of Special Concern in Canada and little is known about the species nor why they are declining. With your help, we hope to increase our understanding of this nomadic species.   

If you see a Short-eared owl in your area, please pass along these observations to Bird Studies Canada.  Be sure to include:  date and time of sighting, number of birds, habitat type, geographic location, and activity (eg. hunting, roosting, perched).  If you were fortunate enough to count these owls on your local Christmas Bird Counts, please be sure to pass those sightings along. 

If you are interested in providing more than just casual sightings, and have access to a roost site, we are looking for volunteers to monitor these locations on a regular (weekly) basis throughout the winter months.  This information will be used to help determine the number of Short-eared Owls overwintering, how long they remain in an area, and whether the birds are moving around between roost sites.  

For more information on how to participate or to report casual sightings, please contact Susan Debreceni (sdebreceni at bsc-eoc.org). 

Happy Holidays,

Susan Debreceni

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