[Ontbirds]Lanark Highlands CBC

Michael Jaques michael.jaques at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 2 08:53:09 EST 2006

The following is from Cliff Bennett, compiler of the Lanark Highlands CBC, 
which is centred on the village of Watson's Corners, NW of Lanark Village in 
Lanark County:

The 3rd Annual Lanark Highlands Christmas Bird Count took place on Friday, 
Dec. 30. The weather was mild, with partly sunny skies and little or no 
winds. However, the back country roads were very icy and getting out to walk 
was downright treacherous. The count  yielded a lower tally than last year, 
probably much to do with the icy walking conditions.

Twenty-five counters took to the field  and recorded 36 different species , 
one more than last year’s record. However, the total number of individual 
birds was over 400 fewer than last year. The real success story though, was 
the count from eleven different feeder observers spread around the circles. 
They listed 719 birds, up about 350 from last year’s count.

Three new species for the count were recorded; a goshawk, two Canada geese 
and a red-breasted merganser. One species conspicuous by its absence was the 
great gray owl and significantly lower scores than last year were listed for 
ruffed grouse, hairy woodpecker, blue jays, crows, chickadees, 
white-breasted nuthatches, Bohemian waxwings and pine grosbeaks.

New records were set for wild turkeys (100), rock pigeons, red-breasted 
nuthatches, juncoes, pine siskins, American goldfinch and house sparrows.

Mike Jaques
Carleton Place 

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