[Ontbirds]Snowy Owl, Hamilton

C Connolly cconnolly1 at cogeco.ca
Mon Jan 2 14:08:23 EST 2006

Seen on Sunday, Jan. 1 at 2:00 P.M.  Snowy Owl.  On large, snow covered 
(then) piles of dirt/sand(?) to the east of Eastport Drive, at 
lights/intersection with Beach Boulevard.  Take Eastport Drive exit from 
QEW in Burlington, follow to Hamilton side of bay;  check first from 
last road before Windermere Basin (Pier 25, I think, but posted as 
private). Look to the south over the water (check for G.B. Heron, B.C. 
Night Heron, and Ruddy Ducks here) from near the bridge - scope required 
- at the largest "hill". The bird flew from the top of the highest 
point, and when we went down Eastport (south) to get a closer look, and 
to see if it had stayed, which it had.  Park just before the lights,  
check the piles to the west.  The bird was on the top ridge, approx. in 
the middle.  What at first looked like a lump of ice or snow was, with 
the passage of time, identified with certainty by myself (Ron Lariviere) 
and another experienced birder.  Sorry for the delay in posting.

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