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Ralph Knowles remak at bmts.com
Mon Jan 2 16:05:36 EST 2006

Hello All

Below are the preliminary results of the 22nd Kincardine Christmas Bird 
Count held on Friday December 30th.

23 observers participated and found a total of 8992 individuals and 60 
species (a new high). Over these years we've seen 106 species. The weather 
was perfect for a winter count (sunny most of the day and just below 
freezing and no wind) A lot of open water inland with a moderate amount of 
ice along the lakeshore helped produce a good variety of species.

Three new species for the Count  were Black Scoter, Hermit Thrush and 
Chipping Sparrow.

High Numbers for the Count:
Ring-necked Pheasant  1  (tied in1999)
Belted Kingfisher   1  (tied in 1991)
Red-bellied Woodpecker  4  (tied in 2003)
Northern Flicker  4  (tied in 1984)
Downy Woodpecker  46  (previous H-44 in 1989)
Black-capped Chikadee   825  (previous H-823 in 1995)
European Starling    2494   (previous H- 2444 in 1991)
Yellow-rumped Warbler   1  (tied in 1985)

Ralph Knowles

Kincardine, Ontario
remak at bmts.com

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