[Ontbirds] 8 Gull Day at Niagara Falls including California and Little

A & K Williams williamsmusic at execulink.com
Tue Jan 3 16:11:58 EST 2006

We had an 8 Gull day on the Niagara River today.

As usual, it starts easily with Ring-billed and Herring and then we add 
Great Black-backed (>10) and one Lesser Black-backed just above the Canadian 
Falls. No sign of the Purple Sandpipers seen yesterday by Willie and Betsy; 
I never have any luck with them there. No Palm Warbler either, but we had 
Carolina Wren, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Brown Creeper in the parking area 
park, and a Merlin at the (Control) Gate House where we had all four of the 

We went downriver to the Adam Beck Dam Overlook to find 2 Kumlien's Iceland 
Gulls and found the California Gull easily on the rocks on the lover left 
side of the American Dam, where it is most often reported in the past. Nice 
comparisons of it's features in good light against the Herring Gulls around 

All of the Bonaparte's Gulls were below the Whirlpool Bridge. We accessed 
them via the Queenston Boat Dock and marched the trail upriver nearly one 
km, scanning the Boneparte's, until Angie spotted the Little Gull. We did 
not find the Black-headed Gull that was seen a couple days ago, not for lack 
of trying!

Unfortunately, no Glaucous Gull nor Black-legged Kittiwake this time. 
Nevertheless, a very nice day in the dull sunlight and no rain!

Directions: Take the QEW to Niagara Falls. Exit onto the 420 and take it to 
the end. Turn right and follow the road south to the control gates above the 
Falls. Penty of free parking. Reverse direction to find the Adam Beck 
overlook about 5 km south of the Falls, and another 3 km downriver and 
follow signs to the Queenston Boat ramp in the area of the Laura Secord 
House, which is just below the escartment from the Floral Clock Area.

Happy New Year,

Ken and Angie Williams
83 Edinburgh Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario, L8H 2C6
905 547 8580 

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