[Ontbirds]January 3--Waterfowl around Hamilton Bay

Phil Waggett philipwaggett at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 3 19:08:36 EST 2006

A quick afternoon trip along Hamilton Bay yielded an interesting variety of waterfowl.  At Red Hill Creek at the entrance to Windamere Basin--Pintail, Shoveller, GW Teal,
Ring-Necked Duck, and American Coot.  In Windamere Basin--BCN Heron (along south shore), DC cormorant, shoveller, common merganser, ruddy duck, greater scaup,
gadwall (1).  Just west of CCIW--hooded merganser (3), trumpeter swan, great black-backed gull (juv).   At LaSalle Park--canvasback, greater scaup, mute swan, trumpeter swan, hooded merganser (1), american coot, greater scaup, gadwall (2), bufflehead, common goldeneye.  In addition, near Sioux Lookout Park, the large adult
cooper's hawk (winter resident in this area) was seen.

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