[Ontbirds]Bohemian Waxwings - Cornwall

Brian.Morin at pc.gc.ca Brian.Morin at pc.gc.ca
Wed Jan 4 20:58:55 EST 2006

Excuse the late post but I was unable to e-mail yesterday. I had over 200
Bohemians in a single flock not far from the 401 in Cornwall yesterday.
This is the largest flock I have ever seen locally. The birds dispersed but
about 30 were still around in the afternoon. About the same number were
present this morning as well. They were seen feeding in the tall junipers
at the church or just perched in trees across the street.

Exit the 401 at McConnell Ave. and head south. Immediately turn right at
the light onto Tollgate Road and proceed a short distance to the church.
The birds were anywhere in the vicinity.

Brian Morin

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