[Ontbirds] Whitby-Jan.5,6--Bald Eagle, Great Blue Herons, trumpeter swans among others

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Fri Jan 6 15:54:25 EST 2006

The rains and mild temperature of Jan.4 and 5 brought out FROGS, mice and voles to the wetlands of Cranberry Marsh. 
An immature Bald Eagle was seen on Jan.5 at the foot of Hall's Rd. and again in the morning of Jan.6 near the wetland of the north pathway.
Other raptors of late--Kestrel--Victoria St., Sobey's Pond field; Red-tailed Hawk and N.Harrier--Sobey's Pond field; Sharp-shinned Hawk and Cooper's Hawk--various locales along Hall's Rd. 
Am.Pheasant--heard near the south platform of Cranberry--Jan.6 4pm.
Pringle Creek, west of the Brock St. bridge--2 male Pintails, a white farm goose among many Canadas, and to the east of the Brock St., Whitby bridge--2 Great Blue Herons.
In Whitby Harbour--2 Long-tailed Ducks among others, and I have noted 2/3/4 Trumpeter Swans in the vicintiy over the past week.

Hall's Rd. runs south from Victoria St. in southwest Whitby. Sobey's is in front of the long warehouse buildings along Victoria St. further to the east.

Doug Lockrey, Whitby

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