[Ontbirds]Hamilton Christmas Bird Count Report

Thomas tthomas at cogeco.ca
Fri Jan 6 19:24:48 EST 2006

These are the preliminary results from the Hamilton Naturalist's Club's annual Christmas Bird Count held on December 26, 2005.  

Many thanks to the 81 persons who took part either in the field or counted at their feeders.

The day started off mild with temperatures hovering around the 0 - 1 degree mark, with very little wind.  Conditions under foot were icy in places.  As the morning wore on the winds seem to pick up and there were traces of snow flurries.  The afternoon proved to be a little brighter with the sun struggling but failing to break through.  

The count was again a success with a total of 97,232 birds counted.  This is the third best total count after the 106,444 birds counted in 1981 but this count included 73,000 Starlings.  The second best count   99,111 in 2002   had 19,000 Starlings and 6,000 American Crows.

New records were set for:
      Mallard - 10,197, previous record 7,956.  
      Surf Scoter - 227, previous record 127
      Long-tailed Duck - 24,304 previous record 17,369
      Ruddy Duck - 850, previous record 391
      Wild Turkey - 51, previous record 19
      Rock Pigeon - 5,139, previous record 2,590
      Red Bellied Woodpecker - 27, previous record 15
      Pileated Woodpecker - 14, previous record 10
      Black Capped Chickadee - 1,991, previous record 1,711
      White Breasted Nuthatch - 284, previous record 207
      American Robin - 1,194, previous record 903
      White Throated Sparrow - 205, previous record 152
      Northern Cardinal - 579, previous record 573
      American Gold Finch - 954, previous record 675
Equal Best Count:
	Bald Eagle - 5
	Cooper's Hawk - 16
	Merlin - 3
	Peregrine Falcon - 4
	Carolina Wren - 27
	Fox Sparrow - 2

Out of a total of 101 species reported, 68 species numbers were average or above while 33 species were below or well below average.  

This year there were no Shrikes seen, Ring Necked Pheasant or Tufted Titmouse, and northern species were hard to find..

Gulls were down in numbers with no Bonaparte Gulls spotted. 

We had one new bird for the count list and that was a lone Turkey Vulture.

There were no count week species that  could be added to the final tally.

I would like to thank Mike Street and Rob Dobos for their help on this year's count.

Tom Thomas - Compiler
January 5, 2006


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