[Ontbirds]Red-necked Grebe/W.W. Scoters St. Clair River

Blake A. Mann boatmann at kent.net
Sat Jan 7 15:52:57 EST 2006

Hi Birders,
Today we did a survey of the St. Clair River from Walpole Island to Sarnia.
Of note was a Red-necked Grebe at the south end of Fawn Island, towards the 
US side.
Also of note at Courtright were 3 White-Winged Scoters with a small group of 
Greater Scaup right at the end of Courtright Line.  The white patches were 
not very visible as is the case sometimes.
There is a raft of Redhead right at Sombra with a few Ring-necked Ducks and 
Greater Scaup.  Also only two Canvasback.  Canvasback have been 
conspicuously absent this winter around here.  This raft has been around the 
last few weeks.
We did not detect any Lesser Scaup, although some could be around.
Common Goldeneye are in large numbers this winter.
Only two Glaucous Gulls (1st basic) seen today--one at Cathcart Park (north 
of Sombra) and one at Stag Island north of Corunna.
Also of note, a Merlin has been hanging around the south end of Port Lambton 
this week.

Directions to Sombra and St. Clair River:  Find Hwy 40 that runs N/S between
Wallaceburg and Sarnia.  Turn west on Lambton Rd. 2 (Bentpath Line) and take
to Sombra on the St. Clair River.  Fawn Island is just to the south of the
village.  The St. Clair Parkway (Rd. 33) follows the river along its length.

Blake A. Mann
Chatham-Kent, Ontario

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