[Ontbirds]Whitby-Barred owl, gulls

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Sat Jan 7 19:00:25 EST 2006

   At  Cranberry  Marsh  today  the  Barred Owl hunted for voles near the
   feeder  on  Halls  Road.  At  the suet there was a Northen Flicker. In
   Whitby  at  the  foot  of  Brock, a Belted Kingfisher flew down Watson
   Creek.  On  the  ice  in  the  harbour, close to the Marina, were many
   gulls,  including an adult Thayers, adult Lesser Black-backed, 2 adult
   and a first-winter Glaucous, & 3 adult Iceland.
          A   Red-shouldered  Hawk  was  seen  behind  Sobey's  close  to
   Lyndeshores Conservation Area off Victoria.
         At  the  foot  of Liverpool Road on Frenchman's Bay were several
   white-winged gulls and a 1st-winter Lesser Black-backed .
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