[Ontbirds]Ivory Gull and NORTHERN GANNET at Point Pelee...

Steve Pike steve at stevepike.com
Sun Jan 8 22:03:08 EST 2006

I just spoke with Alan Wormington about the Ivory Gull and Alan mentioned he
had also seen the Bird on the ice at the entrance to the Hillman Marsh
conservation area parking lot (near the church).

>From there the Bird flew to the 1st. bridge on the North end of Hillman
where it was eating a dead fish 35 meters from the bridge (looking South,
towards Pelee).

It was last seen flying East (towards Lake Erie) at 3:10pm.  Adam, Rosalie
and Alan attempted to re-find it on the North end but were unsuccessful.

The Bird could easily be somewhere else at Hillman and will probably be
re-found again tomorrow, there are many Gull's around Hillman with the
thawing ice leaving exposed fish carcasses attracting Gull's.  The good
thing is Ivory Gulls do not normally associate with other Gull species
making it easier to find.

As a comical side note Alan suggested to Adam and Rosalie that an Ivory Gull
might be around and to take a look for one...imagine the Hall's astonishment
of actually finding Alan's predicted Bird!

As well Alan found an imm. NORTHERN GANNET this morning at the tip of Point
Pelee, the second park record and second Bird this Winter...

"This morning at 9:45 a.m. there was a juvenile Northern Gannet at the Tip!
On the east side it came down from the north, fussed around a bit right in
front of me (dived twice) and then slowly made its way farther south and out
of sight.  I presume it is gone, but who knows.

No doubt this is one of the two birds that have been present all winter
along the Ohio shore of Lake Erie.  One bird there was said to be missing
some flight feathers, and indeed the bird at the Tip was missing a couple."

I will be posting an invitation of Rosalie's Ivory Gull images late tonight
of this 1st. record for Point Pelee, number 282 for the park checklist!

GO 4 IT!

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